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10 Facebook Holiday Contests You Can Create Easily

As a business, it can often be frustrating and difficult trying to drive traffic to your business Facebook page let alone gain fans. On any given day, there are 864 million active users on Facebook. While there are over 1.1 billion active accounts on Facebook. However, there are only 15 million active business accounts. If all the active businesses on Facebook tried to evenly reach out to even half of the active Facebook users, 1 business would only reach 0.03 people. 

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The Power of my New Phone – Fiction

I’m really tired of all the tall claims of the mobile phone manufacturers about the powers and functions of their products recently. These devices have superficial appearance changes but their functionalities are limited to the same old thing: talk, talk and talk, maybe text, play a faster game or load some more music. Continue Reading..

Winning is Renewing Our Covenant With the Future

Today’s world is a mess. Many people do not realize that change has to take place to improve things like poverty, sickness and violence around the world.

Visionaries around the globe that effortlessly chip away at a problem that they know can be improved, are the winners that will change the way the world does business. Continue Reading..

Social Mobile Voting Apps – The Best Tool to Vote

With an era of social media and networking sites, most youth in India spend their time on various online social activities. To use this as an advantage, some experts inspire them to use social mobile voting apps as a tool to vote in the upcoming 2014 Indian General Elections. The Success of #AAP during the recent elections in India confirmed the Power of Social Apps. Continue Reading..

Getting on the Breezer Band Baby

Alcohol Brands like Barcardi are always coming up with innovative ways to penetrate the market and increase their market share.

From coming up with more interesting flavors to creating fun packed games for collecting points to redeem to having fans create new mixed drinks using their alcohol.  Continue Reading..

Take Your Business to Next Level with Office 365

Microsoft has created an exemplar shift in SAAS or Software as Services when they made Office 365. With several options on keeping your data safe, using what you already know and accessing possibilities to build a professional image, Office 365 is definitely a smart choice for moving your business IT to the cloud.

Office 365 can integrate with other services that are cloud-based such as Paypal, Microsoft Dynamics and other tools your company may use. Now, how can you use Office 365 to take your business to the next level?  Continue Reading..