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How to Leverage Facebook and Twitter for Lead Generation

In business, successful branding and brand recognition are two important factors to ensure its success; and the internet can offer these to anyone who is online. The time people spend surfing the web or even dropping by Facebook is enough to allow them to identify brands or discover a new one.

Social media marketing, such as Facebook marketing and Twitter marketing, is very effective in growing a small business and when done right, provides a good ROI Continue Reading.. launches Printing Solutions in India – A Review

Have you ever wondered how business cards can boost the popularity rate of your business? They are one of the few great ways of advertising. Unlike television or radio ads, your business card will work for you 24/7. Continue Reading..

Miller High Life iPad App Review


Recently Miller High Life launched their New iPad App for those who love to Work hard and Party Harder !

We got to review the app and must say its fun to play.

Check out the detailed review and download the app TODAY ! After all its FREE !

Rating: star Miller High Life – Work Hard, Play Hardstar Miller High Life – Work Hard, Play Hardstar Miller High Life – Work Hard, Play Hardstar Miller High Life – Work Hard, Play Hardemptystar Miller High Life – Work Hard, Play Hard

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The Coolest Job Work Hard Party Hard

Do you know which Global Beverage Company’s Spirit is  “Work Hard, Party Hard”  ?

The Coolest Job is the latest Social Media Marketing Strategy being used by this Beverage Firm to launch a New Product.

They are using Facebook to hire for a their latest product launch in India, getting over 60,000 FaceBook Fans in under 10 days.  Continue Reading..

How To Get Effective Reviews and Testimonials From Customers

Lets say you’re researching Local Car Dealerships while shopping for a New Car.

How can you be sure if the Reviews posted on the local Business Listings is real or not.

See what this Honda Dealership is doing to get Reviews from Customers that are 100 % Believable.

Every Business should be doing what they are if you’re not already ! Continue Reading..

Google Hotel Finder – Map Based Search Filtering For Hotels

While Searching for Houston Hotels for a research project i came across a new Beta Experiment from Google.

Google Hotel Finder

It is a Map based search filtering tool that allows one to find Hotels in the selected area.

What Makes this tool different from others ? Read on to find why i liked it. Continue Reading..