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Google Hotel Finder – Map Based Search Filtering For Hotels

While Searching for Houston Hotels for a research project i came across a new Beta Experiment from Google.

Google Hotel Finder

It is a Map based search filtering tool that allows one to find Hotels in the selected area.

What Makes this tool different from others ? Read on to find why i liked it.

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        As i mentioned before Google implements Map Based Search Filtering. The user gets to select the city that they are interested in finding a Hotel in. You can drag the Map to include the exact locality you wish to stay in and see all the Hotels in the selected Map area. Further Filtering is allowed based on Reviews from Google Places ( As you know with Google’s Latest update only Google Members Reviews will show), Ratings of Hotels,  Price Range  and it also lets you see how this hotel costs for the time period selected as compared to normally.

Clicking on a Hotel allows you to see several inside and outside pictures of the Hotel, the Google Places Reviews,  the description from the Places Listing for the Hotel and  clicking on Book Hotel  shows a quick Price Comparision between 3- 4 different online providers .  I saw Travelocity, Expedia, Hotels.com and the Hotel Site itself  competing among themselves.

A few interesting observations that i noticed.

  1. The main reviews are from Google Places , however when you click to see all the reviews at the very bottom almost hidden you’ll see links to reviews from TripAdvisor and Citysearch present.
  2. All the pictures for the Hotels are NOT from the places listings but from a third party firm called VFM Leonardo. They seem to be manage photo distribution and syndication
  3. Only available for the US Market for now

This is a Great way for Google to use their Search Engines, Places Listings and Pricing Engine to make a Killer Tool for all Online Hotel Reservation Sites.

Let me know your thoughts on this beta tool. Whats Google coming up with next ? Google Vacations i would have to say 🙂

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