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3 Steps To Get Your Business Listed in Bing Local Listings

This is the third and final post in the Series on Local Search Engine Optimization. In this post i’ll show you how to get your Business listed in Bing Local Listings. Last week we talked about Yahoo Local Listings.

People ask me ” Why do i need my Business Listed in Local Listings on Search Engines ? ”  I then ask them a simple question” Do your Customers finds you through local searches on Bing ?”  That answers their question on geographic targeting.

So let me show you How to Get your Business Listed in Bing Local Listings in 3 Easy Steps.


STEP 1 : Provide Your Business Details

Visit Bing Local Listing Center and log in using your Windows Live Username and Password. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Business Name, Address, Telephone. Bing Verifies if your Business is already listed and if not will create a new listing for you.


STEP 2 : Choose Categories and Info about Your Business

Here you can choose your relevant categories and enter all the information on services that your business provides. Bing also allows you to provide links to relevant pages on your site. Eg A Cellular Dealer may provide links to their Specials Page, Contact Form, and Reviews on Ebay.

The more info you provide about your Business adding the right keywords to your description, the better your listing will rank.


STEP 3 : Verify Your Listing

Just Like Google Local Listings you may choose to verify your listing by Phone or by regular mail. Once you’ve verified, your listing will go live in a few weeks.


Bing Local Listing is currently only available to US Business. There are some rumors that it may be available to UK Business as early as next November.

Also we have noticed that bing verifies listing from an independent database.  You can add your listing here if you’re business is outside the US and your listing may get listed before others once bing starts local listings in your country.

You may also be aware that Yahoo and Microsoft have entered into an agreement where bing will be the default search engine on This should be enough for you to add your listing on bing today !

In case you’d like for us to list your business on all the local listings for bing, yahoo and google feel free to contact us. We also offer enhanced listings ( superpages, citysearch and more )


UPDATE: June 2010 Bing UK Users can now add their business for local listing on this site as Confirmed on Bing’s own site here.

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53 Responses to “3 Steps To Get Your Business Listed in Bing Local Listings”

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  2. Jane says:

    I can’t get listed for Canada, but there are many companies that are listed.

  3. Nate Miller says:

    Thanks, As your Cellular Manager customer, I am excited to see you in so many different places on the web. Thanks for the info on how to add my business to these search engines!

  4. Ramit says:

    Thanks Nate. Glad you liked the article. Do sign up for my Free Newsletter to get more interesting posts.

  5. Lorena says:

    Got on your website directly from Google Search. In terms of size and popularity? Google is the #1 site in the entire world. There is no site, search engine or not, that has a bigger audience. Bing has made a good start but it will take time to surpass Google’s rank. The recent joint venture by bing and yahoo might help bing to gain some position on world wide web. I read the whole article on your site and i must say that me and my husband loved reading your post. We bookmarked your website for future reference. Thanks alot – Lorena.

  6. jim says:

    in smallbiztrends it was said that you could find a way to list Canadian businesses on through on this website.

    Can’t find it here…anybody know where the article for Canada listings is hiding?
    Thx in adv.

  7. Ramit says:


    Use this db to get listed…

  8. Neel Shah says:

    I am trying to add business in canada in yahoo and bing local search sections but i am unable to do it. I even tried to do it after reading your both the blogs. I tried the market location database website also but it does not find the zip code.
    The Zip Code is : M5G 1C8
    Please help me with this. I will be glad if you can send me a mail on my email address regarding this issue
    Thank you in advance.
    I will be waiting for you kind reply.

  9. Ramit says:


    I’m out of town on vacation will get back to you after the holidays. Do email me the details of what you’ve done so far. ( info @ my site )


  10. Carol says:

    I have been very frustrated trying to add a business listing on Bing. Easy as pie on Google. There doesn’t seem to be any way to tell the process that you are trying to list a CDN business – the form just keeps telling you that you are wrong. Not nice Bing!

  11. Clay says:

    Good tips on getting business listed in Bing local listing.

  12. dawn says:

    I can’t seem to list my canadian company. there doesn’t seem to be a way to put a canadian postal code or canadian province in the bing local listings.
    Can someone tell me how to do this?


  13. Lynn says:

    Someone please advise me how to add my Canadian business to Bing’s local business listing. I know it can be done since I see other Canadian businesses on there. Thanks very much!

  14. Ramit says:

    @Lynn Just sent you an email for details

  15. Ramit says:

    @Dawn Just sent you an email

  16. Mary says:

    Ramit, can you email me as well. How to include my canadian local business in bing?

    Thank you so much

  17. Tony says:

    Please contact me on how to get listed in Canada as well.


  18. Richard says:

    would you please be so kind as to provide me the information in getting my business listed in bing as i’m in Canada as well. If you dont mind emailing me at < Edited >

    i really appreciate it, all the best.

  19. Ramit says:

    @Richard Sent you an email, please check.

  20. David says:

    Can you please send me the information as well.

  21. Bill says:

    Some one please help out to find Yahoo Canadian local business listing.
    we can e-mail me at <>
    I will appreciate very much

  22. Ramit says:

    @ David : Just sent you an email

  23. Ramit says:

    @Bill : For getting your site listed in Yahoo Canada local Listing you can register at

  24. Daniel Aberg says:

    Hello Ramit,
    Been reading your various articles. Great info, well done.
    I too would like to add a Canadian listing to Bing. Would you please email the secret.


  25. Sergio says:

    thanks for the great info on your site. I am also interested in using your services to add my Canadian Business to Bing. Can you please send me details, thanks.

  26. Hesham says:

    would you please provide me with the information on getting my business listed in Bing Canada ?. Please send me an email with the details.

    Your help is really appreciated, thanks.

  27. Jen says:

    Hi there, I’m also wondering how to go about listing my Canadian business in Bing. Thank you in advance.

  28. Leigh says:

    Hi Ramit,

    I’m wondering if you could send me the info on listing your Canadian business on Bing as well.


  29. Shannon says:

    I too am looking for how to list a Canadian Business on Bing! Maybe you should do a post for this topic Ramit? If not, please email me your tips. Thx

  30. Paulette says:


    Please send me information for listing a Canadian Business on Yahoo and Bing. Thanks.

  31. Ramit,

    I cant seem to get my business to on yahoo or bing. Can you Help?

  32. Jr says:

    Hello, could you please send me a message as well?



  33. Ramit says:

    @David: Sure we can help, just sent you an email.

  34. Bronwyn says:

    Also been trying to add a Canadian listing to both Bing and Yahoo! —- Ramit, if you could be so kind as to email with details as well, that would be amazing!!

    Seriously though Eff Bing and Eff Yahoo —- Do they really think there isn’t a world outside of the States? There is, and it’s awesome. Google #1!

  35. Ramit says:

    @Bronwyn: Use this link for Yahoo local listing and check your email for bing local listing.
    BTW: Life is great in canada ! Let me know if i could be of any other assistance.

  36. Danna says:


    Could you please tell me how to list our Canadian web business on both Bing and Yahoo?



  37. Nick says:

    I’ve been reading your threads for Bing and Yahoo!, but I’m also having trouble listing my Canadian business. Both of those websites don’t seem to have links to add listings. Would you be able to me email me with some information as well?

  38. Jacqui says:


    I am having troubles registering for local listings as well. I can see other businesses listed.

    Any help would be appreciated. It seems you are the one to ask, Ramit!



  39. Craig says:

    Would appreciate your help as well my friend. Tried a few different tricks but cannot get the db to accept my Canadian info.
    Many Thanks!

  40. jenny says:

    I just wanted to comment your blog and say that I really enjoyed reading your blog post here. It was very informative and I also digg the way you write! Keep it up

  41. Robert says:

    Ramit, I just finished reading your article. This database is only good for UK businesses, and will not allow me to add my Canadian business, could you please provide me directions so I can add my business to Bing

  42. Phil says:

    We are moving to Europe soon. Are Bing and Yahoo Local available on the continent? How do we list in them?

  43. Ramit says:

    @Phil: Where are you moving to exactly ?

  44. Rhonda says:

    Hello Ramit;
    Would you be able to also send me details on how to add my Canadian business listing to Bing?
    Thank you so much in advance!

  45. Jay says:

    Can you please email me the details to get my company updated in Canada.



  46. Allan says:

    Can you please send me the information on how to list my Canadian business on Bing?


  47. Daphne says:

    Can you also please email me the details to get my company listed on bing in canada.
    I must be so dumb, I still can’t figure out how to list on yahoo as well, the link just go to a local busines search page, not local listing page?!

  48. Please send me the info on how to add my Canadian business to Bing – thanks- Drew.

  49. William says:

    Hi Ramit,

    Please can you email me how to list on Bing Local for the Englans/UK?

    Thanks in advance

  50. Can you please send me the info to get my company listed on Bing in Canada

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