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Top 4 Reasons for why not to have your Business Blog on or

As promised in my previous write up on why Business’s need to have a blog i’m writing on what not to do with your blog.

I see this happen a lot with Business Blogs. They have a great site and have a link to their blog, which when clicked go to their blog thats on a separate site hosted as a sub domain on blogspot or wordpress.

It just does not make sense to me and drives me crazy seeing this.

Dont get me wrong. I’m a great fan of WordPress. In fact my own site is on wordpress !  Let me tell you what not to do with your Business Blog and why you should not be having it on Blogspot or WordPress as a sub domain.

Here are my Top 4 Reasons for why not to have your Business Blog on Blogspot


Reason 1 : Unprofessional

It Looks Unprofessional to have a Business Blog as a Free subdomain on Blogspot or WordPress or any other Free Blog Site. You really lose credibility and your authority level diminishes.  Get your blog hosted on YOUR OWN site. You can use WordPress as a subdomain on your own site and it looks so much better and is easy to install.

Reason 2: Traffic

By hosting your Business Blog on Blogspot as a freeby you are actually taking customers AWAY from your own site and on to blogspot, free to visit another blog. Do you really want that to happen ? You spend so much time getting customers to your own site only to have them leave as they click on your blog link.

Reason 3 : Loss of Search Engine Standing ( SEO Loss )

You do all this Search Engine Optimization for your Blog to get targeted traffic and your Blog gets a nice High Page Rank. But your site does not gain PR, its the Blogspot or WordPress site that is actually benefiting. Think about this : Can you get the PR transferred with your blog should you move your blog from the free blog on blogspot to another blog platform ? NOOOOOOO

Reason 4 : Moving is a NiteMare

Ever tried to move your blog from blogspot to your own blog on your own site ? It is a nitemare moving all the articles, the comments. These free blogs on blogspot dont make it easy for you to move. Why ? They dont want you to leave.  Why should they ? They gave you a free blog and what more can you expect.


Also there is something i need to clarify. I know i keep mentioning blogspot ! I’m not targeting them. I actually am referring to any blog platform that allows you to host a free blog as a sub domain on THEIR site.

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23 Responses to “Top 4 Reasons for why not to have your Business Blog on or”

  1. I find this interesting and also a little bit worrying. i have a personal blog on blogspot and on wordpress. should I change or worry?

  2. Ramit says:


    I see you have your personal blog on blogspot. Its ok. Nothing to worry about, its your personal site. Had it been a business one , i’d recommend changing it.

  3. Rita Lawrence says:

    So you’re saying to have blogging as a part of a web page? I want to clarify this because I am going to get a web site and wondered how to put it all together successfully.

  4. Ramit says:

    When you get your website you would want to have your blog hosted on your website in one of the two ways mentioned below

    Either way is fine. Remember the blog needs to be hosted on your website and not take you off the website.

    Are you getting a website for personal or business needs ?

  5. SM says:

    I totally agree that having your business blog on your website domain is important, otherwise you’ll lose plenty of SEO opportunities. WordPress and Blogspot are great authorities but they should not be used to host your business blog unless you setup domain forwarders. Its important to retain all that domain power. Think about if you have 1000 links pointing to your blog then you’ll lose all that link juice if those links are not pointing to your domain. Brilliant post!

  6. Ramit says:


    Glad that you agree with me. I see that you’re an SEO expert as well.

  7. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Ramit Narang and Ramit Narang. Ramit Narang said: Top 4 Reasons for why NOT to have your Business Blog on or any free blogging platform as a sub domain […]

  8. Juliette says:

    Ramit, you are great on subjects related to home businesses and entrepreneurial ventures

  9. Jake says:

    Very well written. I had an almost identical conversation with two different clients yesterday about the necessity of hosting their own blog. And there is no better time to go through this migration then, well, yesterday.

  10. Ramit says:

    I agree. Its never too late to get things done. Though its better to have them done as of yesterday.

  11. Savyra says:

    MMMMmmm – so even if one has a blog on WordPress, as in my case, how do you include it within your site?

  12. Exosend says:

    Great article – I’ve already forwarded it to several friends who are going to be starting blogs for their individual businesses.

  13. Ramit says:

    Thanks. You’re friends will thank you for helping them out with sound advice.

  14. Rita says:

    Can you help me set up a blog for my personal coaching Business ?

  15. Ramit says:

    Rita, Sent you an email with details on how to get started.

  16. cacy says:

    Nice site!

  17. Ramit says:

    Thanks Cacy.

  18. Jill Addison says:

    Thanks. Very nice concise article. Good info.

  19. Ramit says:

    Thanks Jill, glad you liked it. Hope you signed up for our FREE Newsletter for getting the latest posts directly to your mail. We dont spam at all. Also do follow me on Twitter.

  20. Jimmy Bean says:

    I don’t know If I said it already but …This blog rocks! I gotta say, that I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part, people lack substance but, I just wanted to make a quick comment to say I’m glad I found your blog. Thanks, :)

    A definite great read..Jim Bean

  21. Ramit says:

    Initially your comment looked like a spam comment , but upon secondary look it looks real. ( Hope it is ) I appreciate that you think this blog “rocks” Keep visiting and reading.

  22. Rob says:

    Generally I do not post on blogs, but I would like to say that this post really forced me to do so, Excellent post!

  23. Chris says:

    I recommend that businesses use hosted wordpress blogs. You can get a lot of free listings if you set it up right.

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