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Tips for your Business to survive COVID19 Pandemic

Digital Marketing Tips To Help Your Brand Survive Through COVID19

Without question, the recent COVID-19 crisis has thrown a curveball at even the best business’ bottom lines. If you’re looking for a lifeline to get you through these uncertain, unprecedented times, you certainly aren’t alone. The good news is that it’s all going to come down to digital marketing and brand visibility. Focus on reaching your audience and the business will follow. But what does that actually mean? Take a look.

Real tips to help your Brand get through COVID19

Here are some of the most helpful tools that you’ll find to give you a chance to keep your business and brand above water during this most recent crisis. Not only that, you may even bring in a series of new customers while you’re at it!

  1. Tweak your keywords to include buzzer words: If you’ve got your digital marketing already working for you, it’s common to notice a sudden decrease in traffic and keyword searches. However, it’s all about buzzer words. When it comes to getting your business to rank for online searches, you’ll want to add in some marketing space for “local” or “online” or “virtual” wherever possible. This will help the worried and home-based shopper to find you easier.

  1. Prioritize enhanced, thoughtful communication: Sure, getting digital marketing going is critical. However, pay just as much attention to communicating with customers. You want to send out social media posts, newsletters, emails and whatever else you can to let people know that you are changing the way that you’re operating to better support their needs right now. This will increase your brand visibility and can help encourage trust if you do it sooner rather than later.

  2. Offer virus-related discounts: This is tricky to get right, but can be great for increased sales. Offer discounts on the hot items that people want and need. The obvious options are cleaning supplies and PPE, but also creature comforts like fuzzy blankets or at-home pampering products and anything else that can relate to your brand. Give the people what they want — at a lower price — when they want it, right?

  3. Update your online content and profiles: You can also use this time to focus on the content that you’ve got posted online. This includes your website as well as social media profiles. Update it with richer content, better keywords and any other upgrade that you think it needs. There’s never been a bette time to invest the effort and focus in your online presence after all.

  4. Get social: Even if you tend to use social media only to promote discounts or sales, focus a bit more on asking questions and sending kind, considerate notes to followers online. Put together polls, share funny or cute photos and do as much has you can to show your loyal customers that you are there and that you care about them. This will go along way for brand visibility as well as loyalty. People are scared and it’s important to acknowledge that.

Now more than ever, business is about more than getting people to buy. It’s about offering comfort and being the trusted source for someone who is searching for a virtual store that takes care of them emotionally and mentally as well as in your products or services. In a nutshell, human connection is how your brand can survive this COVID-19 crisis.


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