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How To Get A FREE Anonymous Tel Number For Online Use

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Ever posted your real number online and then got stalked by strangers ? Calls at 3 am from blocked or unknown numbers ? I’m sure you have, we all have.

As you have realized by now that its not safe to post your real number online on social networking sites, dating sites.

So what can we do ?

Now you can get a FREE anonymous phone number that you can give on social sites and not worry  about of getting harassed later on.

Your caller will know only the virtual phone number while your phone will ring through your real line.

Inumbr allows you to get a Free anonymous telephone number. Here’s how to get your number :

1) Visit  inumbr.com/home/verify and enter the captcha

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2) Choose the city you wish to get  number from, the time line for the number, the number you want calls forwarded to.

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Thats it, you’re all set .

We tried their service and it works quite well. We got a number activated within a few seconds and the calls came thru quite clearly. There was no way anyone could know the call was being re routed. Also their PBX is quite professional and gives you quite a few options.  We were not able to get their “add your personal voicemail” to work. We gave up after a couple of attempts. After all the service is for free and its worth what you are getting. So we are not complaining.

Dont forget to comment below to show your appreciation. And if you know of any other services similar to the above, do let us know so that we may review them. Do follow us on Twitter for immediate updates on new posts. You may also sign up for our Free Newsletter.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this with us ! Now i can get a safe no to use on my facebook profile.

  2. Cool stuff. Can you make outgoing calls with it ?

  3. Is it really anonymous?

  4. Outgoing calls cannot be made with this. I’ll be posting a write up on other service providers that do allow outgoing calls as well.

  5. I just signed up for an anonymous number and it does work just like you said it would.

  6. Think of the fun i can have with this

  7. Yes Jenny it is. Try it out you’ll see for yourself.

  8. Great Mike, glad that you like it

  9. Actually guys, bad news…as of 12/14/2010, this site is no longer free. I tried to set up an account a little bit ago after reading about it here, and was terribly disappointed to find that (as with all good things) you have to pay for anything. Cheapest service is $6.99/month, and you only get 120 minutes of talk time–LAME!

    Anyway, keep us updated if you find any more free services! THX

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