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Joke : Should You Smile at Pregnant Women

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A lady that was about seven months pregnant got on a bus.
After sitting down she realized that the man sitting across from her, smiling at her. She felt uncomfortable and changed her seat.

Looking up , she realized that he was now grinning at her,  so she moved her seat again. Apprarently, watching her move made the man more amused.

She decided to move again. But the man still was looking at her and smiling.

After she had moved for the fourth time, the man burst out laughing so hard that he fell.

The women could not take it anymore and complained to the busdriver who called the cops and before the man knew he was arrested and taken to Court.

When the Judge asked the man the reason for his behaviour, here’s what the man had to say

‘Well your Honor, i was on the bus as you know, when the lady got on the bus
and sat across from me. Now right above her was a sign that said
‘The Double Mint Twins are coming’ and  so i grinned.

When she moved, she was sitting under a sign that said,
Herbal life ointment  will reduce the swelling,’ and this made me smile.

Then she moved again and this time sat under a deodorant sign that said,
Bill’s Big Stick Did the Trick,’ and  i could not barely control myself with that.

But, Your Honor, when she finally moved for the 4th time
and this time parked herself under a sign that said,
Goodyear All Season Rubbers could have prevented this accident!’

… and reading this  made me lose control and i bust out laughing .’

Hearing this, the Judge Dismissed the Case !

( This joke is meant for entertainment purposes only. The author has nothing against pregnant women and no harm intended against anyone. If you are offended please do not visit this site . However if you did like it, do feel free to send it to your friends. )

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  1. This was good. I needed a good laugh.

  2. Jenny, glad you liked the joke.

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  5. I visit a lot of sites and blogs and normally they fail to deliver, but this one is different. It’s the real deal! Thank you, I am very grateful to you and it has helped me, particularly the post – Joke for the Day: Should You Smile at Pregnant Women
    Mary Jane

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