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10 Strategies to Promote Your Restaurant That Work

Ten Strategies to Promote Your Restaurant That Work

Your restaurant is your pride and joy. You’ve put a lot of effort into its creation, its design, its flow and, of course, its food. Yet, you still find that you are struggling to get your name out there and draw those customers through the doors. The key to success is going to be the restaurant marketing strategy that you use. You’ll be happy to learn that there is more than one option, however. There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in the world of influencer marketing, after all. To help you out, here are 10 fantastic strategies that will actually work in promoting your restaurant. Better yet, you’ll find these strategies are going to be easy to implement, maintain, and upgrade as time goes on. Perfect for the busy professional.

  1. Design an influencer event with free refreshments: The key to getting people in your spot is to make sure that all of the big names are there to see how well you’re doing. The key to that is a priority influencer event where you give away free drinks and/or refreshments so that they can take a look at your spot, get to know your menu, and then push the word out about it to all of their loyal followers.

  1. Put together an email newsletter: While a lot of trends seem to come up and down in marketing success, an email newsletter appears to be here for the long-haul. Put together a weekly newsletter promoting new dishes, sales, deals and more and send it out to subscribing followers every week. This will help remind people that you are still here and it may encourage them to forward it on to their contact list, earning you new eyeballs and new subscribers (and customers).

  1. Take a look at the competition: One of the oldest tricks in the book is to take a look at what the competition is doing. So, do that. Online and in-person, don’t be afraid to look at what marketing strategies they use, and see what you can adopt into your own strategies. There’s no reason that you can’t learn from their failures or successes. Plus, someone else will be doing the same to you someday.

  1. Make sure your website is up to par: Websites are all the rage these days, so you’re going to want to make sure that your website is mobile-friendly, modern, easy to use, up to date with menus and prices, and more. Put the time and effort into finding the right web design and content so that you can make sure that your online presence holds up to scrutiny when interested customers or reviewers take a look at it. Since we live in the online world, the design and accuracy of your website could make or break you.

  1. Use smartphone addiction to your advantage: Social media has its role to play (keep reading), but so do smartphones in general. Instead of relying purely on email newsletters, consider using SMS messages to contact past clients and interested subscribers as well. Perhaps you can sweeten the deal with specialized coupons or discounts that they can’t get anywhere else. Sending your marketing content right to their phone is basically gold.

  1. Engage with negative reviews instead of ignoring them: When we get bad reviews, it’s natural to want to want to pack up shop and run far, far away. However, the best way to deal with a negative or nasty review — we all get them — is to face it head-on. Engage with the reviewer by acknowledging their negative experience and genuinely learning from what they are saying. You can “win” with a negative review by making your business better because of it. Not only will it help placate the reviewer in a lot of cases (and may even cause them to take the review down), it will also show others that you are not afraid to grow and learn.

  1. Put social media to work: Facebook ads are incredible, as are the option of boosting existing ads or posts. When you want to bring in more customers, social media boosting is certainly going to be the way to do it. When you boost your ads or high-performing posts, you’ll bring more eyes to your page and your reach will get bigger — which is always better.

  1. Consider a loyalty card option: Customers love loyalty options. Whether it’s the SMS option, social media discounts or a simple old-fashioned punch card, put together a loyalty program that works for your business and your customer. It will earn their respect and enjoyment of your spot faster than anything else.

  1. Get involved with the community: Consider aligning yourself with a local-based charity that means something to you (and your business). Host themed events or donate a portion of your proceeds from certain dishes to those charities. This helps show your community that you care about your community as a whole and want to establish roots within it as a business.

  1. Design a lucky draw and spread the word via social media: Everyone like free stuff — perhaps even more than a loyalty program — so consider the option of having a draw for a free meal or a dinner party. Spread the world online, through your newsletter and through SMS marketing, and you’ll get more and more interested customers coming your way.

Marketing may be one of those things that seems to take a lot of effort, the reality is that you just need to be smart about how you’re investing your time, resources and energy. These 10 tips are not overnight fixes, but they are not intended to be. They are, instead, long-term rewards to help make sure your business is booming for many seasons to come. All you have to do is put them to work and you’ll see the benefits for yourself soon enough. The goal with marketing is to work smarter, not harder.

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