3 Steps To Get Your Business Listed in Bing Local Listings

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This is the third and final post in the Series on Local Search Engine Optimization. In this post i’ll show you how to get your Business listed in Bing Local Listings. Last week we talked about Yahoo Local Listings.

People ask me ” Why do i need my Business Listed in Local Listings on Search Engines ? ”  I then ask them a simple question” Do your Customers finds you through local searches on Bing ?”  That answers their question on geographic targeting.

So let me show you How to Get your Business Listed in Bing Local Listings in 3 Easy Steps.


STEP 1 : Provide Your Business Details

Visit Bing Local Listing Center and log in using your Windows Live Username and Password. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Business Name, Address, Telephone. Bing Verifies if your Business is already listed and if not will create a new listing for you.

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STEP 2 : Choose Categories and Info about Your Business

Here you can choose your relevant categories and enter all the information on services that your business provides. Bing also allows you to provide links to relevant pages on your site. Eg A Cellular Dealer may provide links to their Specials Page, Contact Form, and Reviews on Ebay.

The more info you provide about your Business adding the right keywords to your description, the better your listing will rank.


STEP 3 : Verify Your Listing

Just Like Google Local Listings you may choose to verify your listing by Phone or by regular mail. Once you’ve verified, your listing will go live in a few weeks.


Bing Local Listing is currently only available to US Business. There are some rumors that it may be available to UK Business as early as next November.

Also we have noticed that bing verifies listing from an independent database.  You can add your listing here if you’re business is outside the US and your listing may get listed before others once bing starts local listings in your country.

You may also be aware that Yahoo and Microsoft have entered into an agreement where bing will be the default search engine on yahoo.com. This should be enough for you to add your listing on bing today !

In case you’d like for us to list your business on all the local listings for bing, yahoo and google feel free to contact us. We also offer enhanced listings ( superpages, citysearch and more )


UPDATE: June 2010 Bing UK Users can now add their business for local listing on this site as Confirmed on Bing’s own site here.

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  1. Can you please email me the details to get my company updated in Canada.


  2. @Brantford Sorry but yahoo recently updated things and no longer allows new listings via that link. You can try entering using here They are using this db for listings now

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