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3 Steps To Get Your Business Listed in Google Local Listings

Ever done a google search for a service in your own area and seen listings for local providers show up on google maps BEFORE your normal google search results ?

Yes, you know what i’m talking about. You probably wondered how did they get there? I wish my Business was also listed on top of the local search results.

Well Now you can ! I’ll show you how in 3 Easy Steps.

I’ve seen firms have great Internet presence, however have weak local Internet presence. Its important to have a Strong Local Presence and this can be easily done using the 4 steps that i have listed below. It takes a few minutes to do it your self and is well worth it. This is Part 1 of a 3 Part Guide on How to Get Your Business Listed in Local Search Engine Listings. ( Google, Yahoo and Bing )

STEP 1 : Provide Your Business Details

Visit Google Local Business Center and log in using your Google/Gmail Username and Password. You’ll then be prompted to enter your Business Name, Address, Telephone, Email, Website URL, a Brief Description of your Business ( 200 words max ) and up to 5 Categories for your Business.



STEP 2: Choose Your Verification Method

Once you have entered your Business Listing Details then you’ll have 2 Choices for Verification

(i) Phone Verification : Where Google calls the telephone provided

(ii) Mail Verification : Where Google sends you a postcard with a verification code

I’d recommend taking the mail verification as its better then waiting for a call. And you could get lucky and get a $100 Adwords Coupon from Google. Here’s what the verification card looks like.



STEP 3: Confirm Verification Using Code

Verify your listing using the verification code either given to you on the phone or on the post card from Google and your listing will go live in about 6 weeks.

As you can see adding your site to be listed in Google Maps Local Listing is simple and easy. You dont need to hire a Professional SEO firm to do this for you. However for those who dont have the time and would rather hire someone to do this for them, feel free to contact me



What i showed you was how to get the basic listing in Google Local Ads. Well recently Google took it a step forward and now offers an upgrade where you get a unique phone number from Google for tracking calls that you get from visitors to your local listing ad, ability to add Coupons, Detailed report on the calls received, clicks to your ad, driving directions to your business.

This upgrade is available for a flat monthly fee which varies based on your location, categories and is only available in San Francisco and San Diego, California for the moment.

If you’re having trouble getting your site listed in Google Local Listings and need advise do post your questions below or feel free to contact me here or on Twitter.

Next Steps To Get Your Business Listed in Yahoo Local Listings

About Ramit

Ramit is an Internet Marketing Expert and Data Security Analyst. His broad Online Marketing Experience in combination with a talented staff has made him a name synonymous with top rankings. He also is an Expert in Encryption and IT Management and regularly writes on the below topics * Full Disk Encryption * Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) * Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) * Online Marketing Techniques

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  1. Wow, i wish i had found this earlier. I just paid $250 to a SEO firm to do this for me. I was made to believe this was not free and the money was charged by google.

    Thanks for sharing this, now to call those scamsters

  2. Rebecca, sorry to hear that. I write this because i have heard of a lot of cases where firms are taking advantage and misleading people to believe its a paid option.

    Google local listings are free.

    You can file a complaint on ripoffreport , and the local BBB

  3. Thanks for sharing, i had been planning to do this for a while. Now i will follow your step by step guide.

  4. Ramit, i am a regular reader of your blog and you provide material that is interesting and can be used by small busines owners like myself.

  5. @Natasha : Glad you like my blog

  6. Ramit, sent you an email to have you assist us in adding our business to local listings for google, bing and yahoo. Hopefully you can assist us

  7. Awesome, we just followed your steps to get our business listed in google, waiting for the code from google now. When are you posting the steps for yahoo ?

  8. @Dustin : Sign up for my free newsletter and you’ll be the first to know 🙂

  9. Hey Dude, just saw your blog ! Amazing stuff. Gonna catch you on twitter.

  10. Eric Hernandez

    Google never stops working on ways to make money. They give you a free listing then also offer a paid version later.

  11. Can i register my business for multiple cities ?

  12. @ Terry : Yes you may get Your business listed for multiple locations so long as you have legal mailing address for those address.

  13. Hello from Russia!
    Can I quote a post in your blog with the link to you?

  14. Polprav,

    You may quote us , so long as we are clearly mentioned as he author of the article with a follow link back to our article page.


  15. David Bruce Jr

    Yes, you can get “listed” for free, but if you are not happy with your position in Googlemaps (aka Google Local Business Listings) you’d be better off hiring a reputable seo firm (with local verifiable results and or local references) to improve your ranking in the business listings.

    If there is little competition for your product or service you’ll probably be fine with a “non optimized” local business listing.
    However if you are lower ranked and not in the 7pack or want to move up from where you’re listing is ranked, there are strategies to move up if you know what you’re doing.

  16. why is my listing on page 13 and not page one. how can i get it on page one.

  17. Michael,

    Do let me know your site URL and keyword and i’ll take a look and let you know.


  18. i’ve seen a web site that everytime i search on local search on many differents cities this web site show up and they show up in differet cities with just 1 address and the addrees is from a totally different city and all listings with this address.

    how is this possible?

  19. Hi Jeovani,

    Do share the search keywords and search engine used and the site URL thats shows up. I’ll look at it and let you know how its done.

  20. On of the best things you can do is get more citations than the competition. In many cases that is not difficult. There are services that can do this for you.

    Another thing you can do is create and upload videos to youtube and other video directories. Just make sure to have your exact business listing details in the video description.

  21. @Mike Thanks for your Tips.

  22. Great tips, I am sure I will use them . Thanks for the post.

  23. @Mercy You’re welcome, do sogn up for our free newsletter and follow us for more great articles on http://Twitter.com/ramitnarang

  24. There is some solid information on this blog. I am in love with your blog so far. I’ve added the feed to my Google Reader RSS subscriptions and will be sure to spread the word to my friends.

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