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Five Proven Ways to Rank Higher in Google Local Business Listing

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This is a continuation of my previous post on 3 Steps To Get Your Business Listed in Google Local Listings where i showed you how get your Business listed in Google Local Listings.

Since everyone has not started listing their business in local listings there is a need to rank higher in local listings.

I’ll share the Five Proven Steps To Rank Higher in Google Local Listings.

How to Rank Higher in Google Local Listings

1) Add Keywords to your Company Name and Description : If your Business Name happens to have your Keywords in them then definitely use that name in the listing. Don’t make up a new name with the keywords just for the listing. Google gives you the ability to add a description describing what services the company offers. Make sure your content has your keywords along with Location added along with the prime features. This description is used by google in calculating rankings.

2) Add Logo, Photos and Video : Make sure you take advantage of Google’s option to add your Logo to your listing. Also add as many photos and Video’s that show the viewer who you are and what your Business is about. This lets them know more about your business and how you can help them. The more photos you add the better it is. Do make sure the quality of the photo’s and Video’s are decent.

3) Get Tons of Reviews : The more the reviews that you have the better your listings stands out from the rest. Don’t make the mistake of faking reviews, you will get caught and its not worth it. Get as many reviews from previous clients who have used your service in the past. Have your reviews have your Location in them. Reviews play a strong role as to whether the visitor would click on your site URL.  Think about it, which Dentist would you rather go to.. one with 5 Good reviews or one with 50 Great reviews ?

4) Add a Company Coupon : A lot of people don’t know you can add a Company Coupon to your local listing. Nothing gets more traffic then a great coupon offer. Create an Urgency to use the Coupon. Make the customers see value in you through your coupons.

5) Create One Way Links for Your Listing : Now that you’ve optimized your local listing, you need to create one way links for it. Just like any other page on your website you need to push it higher in rankings and one way links does the trick. You can get links from indexed articles on top article sites, links from your own website, your social profiles. These links will push your listing higher in rankings.

Implement the above steps properly and you’ll see the results. In case you don’t have the time to do it yourself or are just lazy 🙂 feel free to contract it out to my team and we’ll take care of it for you. You can contact me through the Contact Page here. These steps have worked for me and my team successfully.

I hope you found this write up on Rankings in Google Local Listings helpful. Do share your thoughts and feedback  in the comments below.  We do reward regular commentators with do follow links.  Don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter and follow me on twitter ( i will follow back )

Contact us for getting your Business Listed in Top Rankings in Google Places, Yahoo Local Listings and Bing Local.  You can reach us at

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About Ramit

Ramit is an Internet Marketing Expert and Data Security Analyst. His broad Online Marketing Experience in combination with a talented staff has made him a name synonymous with top rankings. He also is an Expert in Encryption and IT Management and regularly writes on the below topics * Full Disk Encryption * Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) * Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) * Online Marketing Techniques

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  1. Melih Oztalay

    Hello Ramit,

    I agree with you that Google’s Local Business Listing is a good marketing tool for the local business. Certainly the Internet has become a better marketing tool for the local business to reach the local consumer through web searches and mobiles searches.

    What I am most concerned about are small and local businesses having to contend with multiple websites when it comes to their local listing. What I’m really talking about are “time resources”. If you think about the steps you have outlined for Google alone, most small business will not have the time to do this.

    Afterall, there are over 60 websites in four different categories specifically geared towards local listings. How can a local or small business have the time resources to cover this space.

    Even if you made a conscious decision to not manage all 60, there are well more than Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask. The space goes to Local.com (they went public), Yelp, Merchant Circle, and many others.

    Consumers will be the ones deciding which of these local listing websites they will go and post their experience through consumer reviews. This adds to the burden that no one single local listing website will do the trick.

    I have one argument about “getting listed” is not the real services needed. The local business still has to claim, update and maintain their local listing at multiple local listing websites.

    “Getting listed” is an admirable starting point, but it will not address the long term need of the local business and their local marketing efforts.

    It is a changing world and the local business will benefit. There will be some adjustment to this space needed.

    Good information from your post and hopefully varying opinions help give perspective.

  2. @Melih : Its been a while since someone left such a great comment and i thank you for sharing your thoughts with me and all the readers.

    I agree with you and that’s where I come in and can help people get their local listings done.

  3. Nice Post. Great informaton. Will definately try it and see, how long it take to up in the google local listing.

  4. This is great information, thanks for pointing out the important parts. I have tried all of these things and it helped my listing for a day but then by the end of the day Google reverted back to what was there previously and our picture doesn’t show up at all anymore. Do you have any idea how or why this would happen and why my listing won’t update my information?

    Thank you

  5. @Jen Send us details on your listing using the contact form and we’ll take a look at it for you.

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