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How Temples Can Use Twitter

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When we hear of using Twitter, one automatically thinks of Online Marketing for Business. But that’s not all. Think about it:  What is Twitter Really? Platform to Communicate! It allows one to engage in a dialogue, build trust and loyalty.

So why not use Twitter for Temples and Churches? In this post i’ll discuss how any Temple or Church can build an online presence using Twitter.


Key Points For Temples to Build Online Presence Using Twitter


1) Tweet a Mantra or a Passage from the Holy Book. If  you can do explain the meaning of the Mantra as well. Great eg of this can be seen @ShivJiBhagwan Twitter Profile where a Matra “Om Namah Shivaya (pronounced as Om-Num-Aa-Shi-Why ) It Means ‘I bow to Lord Shiva.’ ”  has been done perfectly.

2) Tweet about Religious Events. This allows followers to be aware of when religious events are taking place. Its a good idea to tweet a week before the event to let followers know and then a day before to remind them. Also Do differentiate between regular prayers and special events.

3) Tweet to Request Feedback. After a prayer or even a special gathering at the Temple, ask your followers who attended to give feedback on the event to see how they felt about it. Did they enjoy the get together and if anything else could be added for the next event.

4) Tweet to Bring Closeness. Getting your followers to communicate with you gets them more involved with the Temple and more dedicated. It gets them more involved in events.

5) Tweet to Introduce New Members to the Temple. The perfect way to welcome new members and to introduce them to everyone. This way they feel welcomed to the community.

6) Tweet to Notify Followers of Community Events. Most Temples host Medical Camps where Doctors come to provide free checkups. Using Twitter can ensure that all members are notified of the event and are there.

7) Tweet Links for Bhajans uploaded. A lot of Temples are coming up with their websites and now one can upload the evening aarti and upload it and tweet the link for everyone to share.

8 Tweet to Get More Members. By this i mean members to come to the Temple and be part of the community. Get people to be aware of your Temple and get them involved.

9) Tweet for Donations. Yes i did not forget this one. Try not to over do it as it would make followers not pay attention to the tweets if all you tweet about is donations. Keep it to a minimum.


Take a Look at @ShivJiBhagwan A Spiritual Twitter Profile dedicated to Lord Shiva, sharing Shiv Ji Bhagwan Preachings, Lord Shiva Pictures and Details on Lord Shiva Temples Worldwide. It has a nice background that lets the viewer know what the profile is about. Its a start up and they are looking for followers for their website ShivJiBhagwan . Its a great concept to connect all Lord Shiva Followers worldwide and share Locations of all Temples worldwide for followers to visit.

If you’d like to know how to create the perfect Twitter Profile read my last post on 5 Steps for Optimized Twitter Profile.

I hope you found this write up on Twitter for Temples and Churches useful.  If you can think of other uses of Twitter applicable here, do feel free to share your thoughts and feedback  in the comments below.  We do reward regular commentators with do follow links.  As always Don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter and follow me on twitter ( i will follow back )

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