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How to Optimize Your Twitter Profile To Get More Followers, Targeted Traffic and Increase Visibility: Twitter SEO

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Twitter is the most Powerful Social Networking Tool one can use to create their online presence and get targeted traffic. I’d say Twitter is the Perfect Marketing Platform.

Your Twitter Profile should let viewers know Who you are, What you do and What you Tweet about.  Remember its not about getting mass followers but Targeted Followers that are interested in you or what you have to offer.

Read my 5 Personal Tips on How to Create the Perfect Twitter Profile for Getting Targeted Followers, and Sales.


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5 Steps For An Optimized Twitter Profile

1) Keyword Enriched Bio The best way to show up in search engines or twitter search is by adding relevant keywords to your bio. When we do this for websites why not for Twitter Profiles ? This way your Twitter Profile shows up higher in searches. [singlepic id=57 w=320 h=300 float=right]

Take a Look at @RamitNarang my Internet Marketing Consulting Twitter Profile: I am an Internet Marketing Expert and Data Security Consultant helping business succeed online. Contact me for consulting work related to SEO or Data Security. As you can see I’ve added my keywords in my Bio.

2) Choose Appropriate Twitter Name Make sure your Twitter Name has your Name or Company Name and if possible add a Keyword as well. This makes it easy for followers to find you. I prefer not to use my niche in my main profile as your niche might change but your name would hopefully remain the same !

3) Add Website URL to Profile This may sound as something that everyone would think of, but you’d be surprised how many profiles i see without any websites. Also its good to use a special landing page to track visitors from your twitter profile.

4) Add Your Location This is important as this relates to Local SEO, allowing your profile to show up when people are doing local searches for people in their area. Local SEO is key to targetting people that are in your local area.

5) Add Appropriate Background and Profile Pic It helps to add a nice image background to make the profile attractive to attract followers to want to know what the profile is about. You can find lots of free backgrounds to use or even go ahead and get one custom made for yourself from a professional. ( Contact me for getting one custom made )

Once you’ve followed the above steps you’ll see that you’ll get more followers automatically follow you without you having to follow them first. Also you’ll see that your site will get more targeted traffic from twitter. I get tons of traffic to my blog from twitter and quite a chunk of my Business too, and i absolutely love it.

In my next post i’ll write about the 6 Golden Rules For Tweeting Success, a continuation of the series on how to get more followers on twitter, get targeted traffic that bring in tons of sales.

I hope you found this write up on Twitter Profile Optimization useful. Do feel free to share your thoughts and feedback  in the comments below.  We do reward regular commentators with do follow links.  As always Don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter and follow me on twitter ( i will follow back )


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