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Watermark Software
How to protect your pics and videos online using watermarking software.

How To WaterMark Your Pics and Videos

Since everyone online is always trying to steal anything and everything they can, protecting yourself is critical. Okay, so maybe that was a bit of an overstatement, but it sets the tone at least. Specifically speaking, we’re talking about watermark software and how to watermark your pics and vids so that they stay, well, yours. While researching for a Watermark Software. I came across several tools online however one of them stood out for having an easy to use platform and offered a Free as well as a Paid Module – Watermarkly. And yes, it is totally legitimate and trustworthy for your photos and videos.

How Watermarkly works:

The process of using Watermarkly is kept streamlined and simple so that it’s convenient for your use. You simply choose the photo or video that you want to watermark, upload it to the platform, apply the watermark, and you’re good to go. The watermark is easy is apply and is stubborn. That is, it’s not something that can be cropped out and repurposed by someone that isn’t you.

Why should you use Watermarkly?

Sure, it sounds pretty great and everything, but why should you use it for your image or video protection? Here are some of the great reasons:

  • It’s trustworthy: Included in the license of Watermarkly, you know that you are relying on a program that is going to be professional and totally committed to protecting your original photos and videos. Your originals will stay private to you only.

  • It helps you keep what’s yours: Since the whole goal of sharing photos or videos is to show the world what you can do, using Watermarkly is the best way to do just that. You get to proudly share the photo or video with anyone and everyone and it stays unquestionably yours with the use of a watermark of your choosing.

  • It’s simple and time-efficient: You don’t have time to mess with uncomfortable software, and this program is going to be simple to use, fast, and focused on a streamline process through and through. This is especially helpful if you are watermarking and posting while traveling and don’t have time to wait for necessarily complex programs.

Lots of photos? Try the desktop app Visual Watermark:

This watermark software is going to be convenient in more ways than one, however. You’ll be able to use Visual Watermark by downloading it to your computer and using it offline. This is especially helpful when you are particularly nervous about uploading originals, or when you have hundreds of photos that you need to watermark at a time. You’ll be able to use this text on photo app as efficiently offline as you will online. No games or tricks to be had. Just the professional treatment that you deserve. If you purchase a license for Watermarkly’s license, you also get free access to their professional version of Visual Watermark. It may be useful when a person wants to watermark thousands of photos or needs to watermark videos.

Whether you’ve been burned before, or you just want to know that you are relying on a dependable program. Watermarkly is your online and offline safe haven for image and video protection. All that’s left is to put it to use and see for yourself. Take that online snatchers!



Look forward to hearing your thoughts on what software do you use for watermarking your pics and videos. In case you’ve used this software  do let me know your thoughts on it as well in the comments below. I can be followed on Twitter and you can fan me on FaceBook . Also feel free to sign up for my Free Newsletter for more exciting articles.

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