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Twitter App for Remote Access To Your Laptop and PC

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Ever left work to realize you forgot to shut down your Laptop or PC ? Not to worry any more. Twitter’s there to help.

A New Twitter App called Tweet My PC by Shoban allows you to remotely access your laptop or PC using twitter.

I thought i’d share this App with you along with its features and benefits.

To start you can download the free app from here. Its relatively small and once installed will show up in your system tray.  Double click on the Tweet My PC icon and log into your twitter account with it entering the details as shown to the right.

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Now once your account has been verified you are ready to start. All you have to do is send a tweet along with the command and Tweet My PC will take care of the rest. Here are the Commands that you can use. They are NOT case sensitive.

Shutdown: This will shut down your PC. Once you send this tweet command it will display a timer on your system letting you know how much time you have before shutdown. You’ll also get a reply back in the form of a tweet confirming the shutdown.

Lock:  This command will lock your PC requiring your windows login to log back in ( if you have set up a windows login )

Screenshot: This command will take a screenshot of your system and send it to you in the form of a tweet using TwitPic.

Getfile < file path >: You’re on your way to a meeting and realize you left the presentation on your system at home. No worries. Just send getfile followed by the path for the file and Tweet My PC will find the file and email it to you to a preset email. Now you’re like what if i dont remember the path for the file. Dont worry the next command will help you with that.

Getfilelist <drive>: This gets you a list of files and folders to be emailed to an already set email.


In case you have a Mac you can get the Mac version from here.

As you know these are third party apps and so I’m not liable for any damage that may occur from downloading or using them. I’m just sharing applications that i found useful and helpful.

In case you liked this app do comment below to let me know and don’t forget to sign up for my free newsletter and follow me on twitter ( i will follow back )

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