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Ramit is an Internet Marketing Expert and Data Security Analyst. His broad Online Marketing Experience in combination with a talented staff has made him a name synonymous with top rankings. He also is an Expert in Encryption and IT Management and regularly writes on the below topics * Full Disk Encryption * Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) * Search Engine Marketing (SEM ) * Online Marketing Techniques

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  1. Perfect timing! I just used your steps to recover windows password on my laptop. Worked like a charm.

  2. Donna Dmenzgian

    When will you post your list of recommended software for recovering windows 7 password ? I dont have a reset disk created and cant log into my new PC. Need help …..

  3. Pamela Brooks

    Need steps for creating a reset disk for vista, can you help ???

  4. Cool site, did not know you were into this.. will follow you on twitter. Do follow me back too !

  5. Just saw your blog and its nice.

  6. Its funny you mention to use the steps only on your own computer and not on others…do you really think they will listen ….

  7. Need your help. what software would you recommend for encryption?

  8. my gf resets my pw to see what i’m doing online. How can i stop her ? She’s really a computer wiz

  9. @ Luis Well you can ask her not to. Let her know to respect your privacy. If that does not work, get Encryption for your laptop 🙂

    @Eddie I’d recommend AlertBoot , i’ll be writing a post on it this week and give away a free subscription for it as well 🙂 Keep reading !

    @Danny I hope they do listen. Also its for CYA reasons.

    @Santosh Thanks, dont forget to follow me on twitter for the latest updates

    @Pamela Just emailed you instructions for that

    @Donna Posting the article today and also emailing you a list of free and premium software

    @Dmitri Thanks Bro !

  10. Once you reset the password in XP, do you loose encrypted data? I read somewhere that you do but that was using the control userpasswords command.

    Man if my girl did that to me she wouldn’t be my girl anymore. Lay down the law bro.

  11. Very nice. and there are many other windows password recovery software like Windows Password Recovery. Only four steps can help you reset the lost Windows password:

    Step 1: Download Windows Password Recovery
    Step 2: Burn bootable CD/DVD or USB flash drive
    Step 3: BIOS setting
    Step 4: Reset Windows password

  12. Thanks for the post…It’s really useful by using windows password recovery software we can recover our windows password easily because one of my friend is using stellar windows password recovery for your computer system.

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